W123 Wheel Tips

1. Your current wheels are 14" x 6" with a Bolt Pattern of 5 X 112mm, (5 Lugs with spacing of 112mm between those) with +30mm offset.

2. If you want to get bigger wheels and lower profiles, remember, you may loose your Mercedes smooth ride by getting 17" or 18" wheels. So if you just want the looks, go with a nice looking 14" or 15" to give you the looks, and keep the same smooth ride. Also with a 16" wheel, the tires will cost a minimum of $20 more each, v.s. 15".

3. Going up in size, you need to go to a smaller offset. +20->25mm is ideal. If you go to a higher offset, your wheel may hit the strut, etc... Not to mention, that you have a 20 year old Mercedes Benz Diesel, this isn't a performance car, but a luxury car. If you are upgrading wheels on a W123, I doubt you are not trying to shave time off you're 0-60 time... :)

Editors note: I either lost track or or could'nt figure out who submitted this article but it appears to have come from here. There's no name on that page so I'm still not sure.