Fun Stuff

Any form of auto racing is for pussies compared to this.

Tempted to send this to everybody you know? Send this URL instead. It's quicker, easier and uses less network bandwidth.

These might not make sense

But then, they aren't supposed to.

WARNING: extremely graphic.

Man: 0, bear: 1.

Do not open if your're squeemish, this is not a pretty site. In fact it's probably worse than whatever you think it is. Really.

A checklist

You know you drive an MB jalopy when...

Bad Jokes

And worse puns.

Red or white?

What's the right kind of wine to drink when upgrading headlamps?


Lucas Electrics

How can you not be a car guy and want to see a canonical list of Lucas electrics jokes?

Mercedes in the Movies

Places where Mercedes Benz bad boys smoke cigarettes, get drunk and have affairs.

Succinct Pithy Quotes

Selected quotes.

The restoration process

Have an old Mercedes that needs restoring and are unclear of what order the steps to restore it go? Enlightenment on that subject can be found here.

Fun with statistics

A whole new way to look at statistics.


Who owns what tools?

No no, it's true!

It must be true, I read it on the Internet.

What? Me spell?

Fun wit spilling erruz.


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