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Mercedes Benz Repair Articles

Ok but why is it a better car.

Unequivocally it is a better car because it actually is, as the maker claims "engineered like no other car in the world".

If you don't understand this look at any part that came off a Mercedes then look at the equivalent part from some other car, even a car costing a lot more. See the difference?

There are a few other things about these cars and in this section you'll find such things as Mercedes Benz firsts in in automotive history, why diesels are so cool (they really are) and a few other things about a certain models of Mercedes Benz cars.

Hi Fi

Oddly not a popular subject and few articles can be found here. You don't see many deadhead stickers on Mercedes either. Hmm...


Banged up body?

If it's time to send your car away to a spa then read here.

If these break, you can't brake

Articles about fixing the breakes on you Mercedes. In most cases it's easy to replace a few cheap parts and you're good as new for less that the price of Speedy fixing a Honda.

How to buy a Mercedes

What to look for. Checklists for popular models. It's really easy buying your second one the first can be a bit of an eye opener. First off, Mercedes don't rust like normal cars they rus from the inside out so by the time you see it there's way more damage than you'd think. Read on...

Like, chill dude.

Articles about how to fix the chillin' system.

Dino juice or synthetic?

And other questions. About oil, more about oil and more about oil. Cute tricks for changing it and more about oil. It's all about the oil.

Electric articles

Just add batteries. Anything to do with the (spit) electrical system (spit) can be found here.


Gas and Diesel

Turbos and timing, vacuum and electronic ignition, caps and rotors... if it's something to do with that big lump of parts under the hood of your Mercedes then you can find it here.

Tailpipe blues

Sneaky stuff to forestall the inevitable replacement of the exhaust.

No gas, no go

Articles concerning fuel system repair can be found here.

Complex stuff

The Mercedes W126 printed factory manual is larger than the manuals for the body and engine manuals put togerher. Mercedes heating, cooling and ventiliation systems are amazingly complex yet actually quite servicable. Here's how.

Sparky stuff

Stuff about plugs, wires, distributors.


Cluster repair

Articles pertaining to the instrument cluster can be found here. Topic covered include repair of the odometer - in most cases this means buying a new gear - removal and replacement of the instument cluster and what to do with it when hhave it out. Also here you will find articles about things that send signals to the instrument cluster like the tachometer amp on diesels and temperature and oil pressure sender repair.


The soft and clean parts

There's nothing more satisfying making your hands bleed indoors where it's nice and warm and light as opposed to making your hands bleed in the garage lying on your back. I like interior work the best.


Wanna see better at night?

There's a reason Mercedes owners covet their "European lights". Find out why here.

Stuff that doesn't go anywhere else

Miscelaneous articles.

SEC or SE/C ?

What all those Mercedes models, numbers and names mean.

Auto reviews of Mercedes Benz automobiles

Articles and pointers to articles containing reviews of Mercedes Benz models. The first Mercedes gl 450 review is all that's here now, more are being written as we speak, err, read or listen or whatever.


Repairing your steering

...and making it feel brand new again. Step by step instructions.

There actually aren't any suspension articles, but if there were this would be where they would be find. Soon. No, really.


Skins, rubber, etc

Information about tires can be found here; what "offset" means; what tires your Mercedes came with, what other sizes it can use and more.

Tranny trouble?

Thankfully a lot of problems with Mercedes transmissions can be very easily fixed in your own driveway requiring at most, moderate skill and a couple of parts. In other words it's actually pretty easy if you are careful and methodical.

Keep 'er spinning

The turbocharger explained. How when and why they fail and what to do about it.

Vacuum runs everything

Door and trunk locks, heating flaps, gas door lock, engine shutoff, trnsmission moculation - these things are all controlled by vacuum in a Mercedes. It's pretty slick, works and lasts well and is dead simple to fix when it breaks.

Those four round things

Articles by for and about wheels. Offset is explained here and if you need the original tire size for the 114, 115, 108, 109 cars click on 114. the 110/111/112 coupes and sedans are covered here as are articles about mercedes wheels in general. Keep in mind as a basic rule 126 and previous are interchangable and all later cars are pretty much interchangable but there was a shift from low offset to high offset after thw W126 chassis.

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