Replacing All The Vacuum Hoses

Replacing All The Vacuum Hoses

The vacuum hoses are a stupid simple fix. You need two things 1) a supply of the hose and a few of every connector, end and "T" Mercedes make. 2) A car like yours that's plumbed correctly. Park it next to yours. Pop the hoods.

You just put on the vaccum bits till it matches exactly the other car.

You'll need new little white fingers for the things in the black box on top of the valve cover where the vacuum goes into. Cheap at the dealer.

Rumor has it the hose is no longer available in clear or colored and that it only comes in black so your car will look logically, not physically the same as the other car.

But that's all there is to it. Vacuum bits are cheap at the dealer and it shouldn't take you more than a half hour to put them all on.

Get a vacuum handpump/gauge. You'll need it anyway if you hve one of these cars. DO NOT cheap out and get the plastic one, they break, get a metal one.

-- Richard Sexton

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