Electronics Articles

Electronics Articles

Car batteries aren't 12 volts

And if yours is, it's broken.

Repairing your cruise control amplifier

You can repair it in your kitchen in about an hour.

Troubleshooting VDO cruise control

From a company that rebuilds them.

The deep cycle battery FAQ

For you Optima (and other) fans.

Help! I need a 108 fuse map

Right here.

123 fuel sender Repair

Fuel gauge not working, and you've figured out it's the sender? Here's how to repair it.

Neat little things

Why electrical circuits on a 126 last longer and work better than the equivalent circuit in, say a 108. The connectors are considerably improved.

126 Front Dome LIght Overhaul

How to overhaul the front interior light in a W126 chassis car.

No interior lights in your 126? Fuse 15 blowing?

Uh huh, been there done that. Here's the fix.

Fixing W126 300SD tach amps

There is a quick fix for a broken tach. "Fix might be the wrong word here, it only fixes it for a while. But, I coaxed 5 more years out a nearly dead one doing this. When it needed fixing more and more I gave up, but the bullet and got a new tach amp. It's been flawless since then of course.

Replacing the antenna mast

Another quick and easy operation.

Mo' batteries

Another and very good explanation of various batteries and specifications.

What's the best kind of battery to get?

Heavily biased opinion.

Booster Pack Batteries

Better than booster cable?

Ultimate Booster Cables

How to build the ultimate booster cables.

dead battery

Don't you just hate it when all the electronic gizmoz lose their mind when you chnage the battery and and car has no source of electricity for a while? Here's a cute fix for that.

Diagnostic connector

Analyze and Troubleshoot "Check Engine" MIL and Electronic Control Units (ECU)

Battery drain?

Is your battery going flat and you're measure more than tens of milliamps current drain when the car is off? Here's how to find it.

In the immortal words of Dr. Marshall Booth: "ALWAYS check the fuses". Read how to in this somewhat ironic article.


Doing a bit of electrical troubleshooting? Here's a handy tip.


regulator repair

If you're told you need a new alternator chances are you don't and only need a new regulator. A new alternator, installed, at the dealer is $770. A new regulator is $18. You can repair your old one for about $2.

Regulator upgrade

Volts aint what they used to be. Modern batteries require a greater voltage than older cars put out. Here's an upgrade strategy.

240D ignition switch wiring.

What is the proper way to connect the seven wires to the eight pins on the ignition switch in a '79 240D? The answer is here.

The lights go on when I press the horn...

Got a weird problem? Here's something that might help.

Fixing monowiper assemblies

How to repair windshield wiper assemblies

Ref: Frank Mallory's database and https://mercedes-benz-publicarchive.com