Checking Fuses

Checking Fuses

From: "PT in OR"                                                          
Newsgroups: alt.auto.mercedes,alt.autos.mercedes   
Date: Fri May 19 12:39:47 EDT 2006
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I was an English motorcycle guy (think Lucus electrics) before I started playing with MBs. One of the coolest tools i made was a fuse tester. I took a 5 amp breaker (about $5 at Napa) and attached two clips. I could put it across a fuse holder and it would complete the curcuit without taking out the wirering if there was a dead short. I actaully made it for finding dead shorts since the breaker would blow, i would disconnect parts of the circuit until it stopped blowing. However, for any electrical gemlins, the first thing i do is toss this across a fuse holder and see if a fuse is bad. If everything works as it should, then the fuse is bad. Something I do on my MBs, is if one fuse corrodes, then I change them all out. I have a jar of spares int he trunk. Quite handy.