Transmission Articles

Transmission Articles

A more cynical view would have it that this is a page of articles and links to various sites that help you deal with the "unique" vacuum control of the automatic transmission found on 1978-1996 diesel Mercedes automatic transmissions. Vacuum is everything, baby.

Various Transmissions

A numebr of illustrated articles dealing with various MB transmissions.

Yet another vacuum adjustment article

A nice overview of the theory and operation of Mercedes (diesel) vacuum controlled transmissions.

What to do with a leaky 280SE "front pump". (get out your wallet)

5 speed

Adapting newer 5 Speed transmisions to older cars

Adjusting the transmission

Adjusting the transmission on your 123 or 126 diesel

The infamous B2 piston

B2 Piston Failure in Mercedes-Benz Automatic Transmissions

The K1 Kit

If your automatic transmission shifts fine with the exception of a flare on the shift up from 2nd to 3rd, and you've exhausted all your adjustment options, then the K1 Accumulator Spring Kit might be the solution.

Weird and scary

Why are early MB transmissions so weird and scary?

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