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Tire size calculator

You don't always have to use the exact same size tire but any tire you use must be within 2% of the original rolling radius. This calculator helps you figure this stuff out.

Pulls to the right ?

A bad tire can do that. A NEW tire can do this. Read what happened here.

Approved snow tires

Want to know what a good snow tire is? The Canadian government has a list, and baby, they know snow.

Tire Technology

An explanation of a few of the recent advances in tire technology.

Good tires for cheap

There ae a few low cost alternatives to the ubiquitous Michelens that seem to be every bit as good but a fair bit cheaper.

tire feel

Bring back... that new tire feeeeeeeeeling... ahem yeah uh, how to make new tires feel like new when they don't.

What car takes what size tires?

This is the place where we're compiling a list of tire sizes used by various cars. It's fairly new so there's not a lot there, but it will grow over time until it's complere.

How to store tires

Say you have a bunch of extra tires lying around. What's the proper way to store them?

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