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W123 center vent actuator R and R instructions

There were two different methods posted in the past for how to replace that pesky center vent vacuum pod on a W123, *without* pulling the dash.

How to stop 126 door panels from rattling

LED Dash Light Upgrade

Dim dash at night? Cleaned the bezel, replaced the potentiometer have no bulbs and it's still dim? Solid state electronics to the rescue!

How to remove the door panels

Removing the door panels is the same in almost all Mercedes. Here's how to do it.

Got Leather?

Then you need Leatherique. Here's my experiences with it. I'd never use anything else on any leather, period.

: how to clean

If you're 25 year old leather Mercedes seats aren't cracked they're probably Mb-Tex, a weird kind of vinyl Mercedes uses that seems indestructable and looks and acts and feels somuch like leather is foola many people. Here's how to take care of it.

How to remove mildew

Eww, what's that smell Has this car been sitting for a while?

More wood refinishing

Another article, in greatee detail, about wood refinishing. This is a PDF file; you'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it (but it's worth it)

How to get red stains out of carpet

Red is the worst. Ask anybody. That's what they'll tell you. They always say that. Yup.

Just ask anybody round these parts, they'll tell ya. Everybody round here knows that. Uh-huh, yessir.

Replacing window regulators

This article is for a 116 window regulators but is generally applicable to other Mercedes parts.

Articles about seats

VArious articles about Mercedes seats can be found by clicking this link.

Removing ignition tumbler w/o key

It isn't an easy job.

The hack way is to drill into the keyhole of the tumbler until you have destroyed the lock pin.

The better way is outlined here.

Audio Upgrade

How to get better, more clear sound in the cabin.

Door locks

Mercedes automatic door locking systems are vacuum operated. Here's how to troubleshoot them.

Refinishing Wood

Sned it to a pro. But, if you have the time and patience you can do a pretty decent job yourself. Here's how.

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