Cleaning MB-Tex

Cleaning MB-Tex

The absolute best stuff is the leatherique(.com) cleaner and rejuvinator and yet it works on MB-Tex vinyl. Pretty much anything will work, just aviod harsh solvents and nasty cleaning checmicals.

You also want to be sure you're not gonna leak cleaner down into the perforations.

A cloth moistened in vinegar then squeezed out thouroughly works pretty well.

Avoid anything with ammonia in it, like regular household window cleanrs such as Windex. The ammonia in them will cause any and all plastic in your car to harden and crack prematurly even if you don't use it directly on the plastic. Always use glass cleaner made for automotive use; they'll smell different. I like the McGuires stuff. I've use some cheap store brand ones that didn't work well.

Richard Sexton