Bodywork Articles
Bodywork Articles

Touch up

Touch up paint vendors site - amazingly well done.


How to properly clean your retractable antenna.


Paint, powder coating and more

There are a plethora of various coatings you can use on various bits of your car. They're indexed here.

How to finish your paint

A couple of old pros told us their secrets.

How to replace your hoodpad

If yours is a decade old or older no doubt it's pulling off in chucks. Here's how to replace it properly.

How to fix

The best solution is a new seal. Failing that, here's what you can do.

Selef leveling rear suspension

Information about the self levelling suspension.


How to replace a W126 rear view mirror glass

124 monowiper

You say you have a 124 and your mono wiper no longer wipes? Here's how to overhaul it.

From the rust capital of the world

Things people have tried to abate rust.

Got ice?

You say you can't turn your truck lock with a key in winter ? Ah, that's an easy fix.

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