Paints, coatings and primers. Touch up paints.


Supplier of automotive finishes, this link takes you to the powder coating section.

Magent paints

Supplier of many and various coatings.


Spray this stuff on bare metal, painted and plated parts and they won't tarnish.

POR 15

(self) proclaimed as the finest rust preventative ever developed - they're probably not wrong.

Rhino linings

Spray on polyurethane coatings.

Scratch repair

So you have a scratch and you touched it up and the repair basically blows dead goats? Try this stuff next time.

Zero Rust

Can withstand 2000+ hours in a salt spray cabinet (roughly equivalent to a week on Canadian roads in February :-)

Powder coating FAQ

Dave Wrights superb powder coating FAQ. Used with permission.


The perfect finish for a classic Mercedes-Benz

To live up to our responsibility as a paint manufacturer, we have joined the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in preparing this refinishing recommendation that ensures maximum originality while meeting today’s technical and environmental requirements. Olaf Adamek - Standox Brand Manager


History: Factory finishes since 1945.
History: Factory finishes since 1980.
The development of automotive refinishing.
Refinishing classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
Does original paint work have to be refinished with new paint systems?
The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center – committed to lifelong service.
Repair of genuine vintage cars.
Consult an expert!