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Instrument cluster overhaul for a BMW E34.

Tach busted?

Here's how to fix it on a 126.


What to do about a burned out bulb in an S420 (and other S-classes from this era)

Dash dimmer rheostat

These dimmer switches routinely fail but can be eaisly rebuilt. Here's how.

exterior light failure

After the 'exterior light failure' lamp came on briefly, a little bit of white smoke came out of the dashboard and it smelled like an electrical fire but stopped. Then...


How to reset the 'miles to next scheduled maintenance' light.

Odometer not working?

You're not alone. Many older ones don't work any more. Here's why.

More odometer repairs

Getting the impression these all fail yet?

Give up?

If the only way you're goiing to be able to fix your odometer is by replacing those miserable little plastic gears, take heart, relief is a click away.

How to renew your instrument cluster

Wherein your intrepid author renews a 20 year old W126 instrument cluster. This applies, in general to other models, too.

Wonky temp gauge?

Symptom: temperature gauge jumps about or plain flat out does not work on W126. Cure: easy. Click here.

Speedo tick marks

What do those Roman Numerals I, II, and III mean on the speedo of older cars?


W126 Chassis

Explanation of what the lights mean on a W126 chassis car.

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