Mercedes Benz Interior Door Panel Removal

Mercedes Door Panel Removal


Types of door panels

John Green writes:

Mercedes door trims can be divided into two specific groups. Those that you pull up to get off and those that you pull out to get off. And then of course there is always an exception to the rule.

The following are of the pull out style where you need to very carefully undo each clip with a trim tool.

W120, W121, W180, W105, W110, W111, W112, W108, W109, W114, W115.

The in-between one is the W123 where you need to undo the trim clips on the door trim and then pull it up.

All the others are the pull up style, where they are pulled up after undoing all the bits that hold them on.

W116, W126, W201, W124, W202, W210, W140, etc, etc, etc.


108 door panel removal

Gerry Van Zandt wrote this very clear description of how the W108/W109 door panels are removed. But these instructions are applicable to most all older Mercedes.

Roll the window down entirely into the door. Remove the armrest & door handle assembly via the screws holding them on.

Be careful in removing the molding immediately behind the door opening handle. ...more


W126 door panel removal

Tiger writes:

1. Remove two screws on the top back corner of the windows to remove that trim that hides a bit of the smaller rear window.

2. Remove the cover just behind the latch... use small screwdriver

3. Remove screw that is behind the latch. ...more


W202 - C280 and others

W202 door panel removal.