108 Fuse Map
108 Fuse Map

1. Dome light, parking light, clock, passing signal, map light, glove compartment light. 8amp

2. Windshield wiper and washer, horn, cigar lighter. 25amp

3. (no discription). 8amp

4. Fuel pump. 8amp

5. Turn Signal indicator, back-up lights, fuel gauge, stop light, hand brake, warning light. 8amp

6. Heater Blower, automatic starting aid. 25amp

7. Tail light right, parking light right, license plate light right, dash board lighting, trunk light. 8amp

8. Tail light left, parking light left, license plate light left, fog lights right and left. 8amp

9. Head lights high beam right and indicator. 8amp

10. Head lights highbeam left. 8amp

11. Low beam right. 8amp

12. Low beam left. 8amp

Anthony Maniatopoulos