The folly of bad spring compressors

The folly of bad spring compressors

You know how whenever the topic of spring compressors comes up, someone always wants to jury-rig some type of homemade compressor, or use the assorted cheap aftermarket stuff (like AutoZone free rentals)? That's because the factory tool (made by Klann) costs $700-$900 depending on where you buy it, and the only decent copy made by SirTools is $500+ also. So what happens when you use generic stuff? Take a peek:

You are looking at a spring pad change on new W124 Sportline springs. The springs were not removed, the compressor was just used to clamp them enough to get the top out & swap pads. Note how the shafts are totally bent? That's amazing. No this wasn't me, and I'll keep things anonymous to protect the innocent. ;)

If you need to mess with MB springs for any reason, usually for front end work like ball joints, **please** rent the proper tool from Rusty ). And always treat compressed springs like grenades with the pin pulled.

BTW - I very strongly suggest buying the Klann and NOT the SirTools unit. I have used both more than once and purchased a Klann for myself - an it was worth every stinkin' penny! The -0021 is a little cheaper than the -0025 while providing the same functionality.

Be safe out there,

Dave Meimann
Boise, ID

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