Snake Oil Articles

Snake Oil Articles

Ironically, the term "snake oil" is a pejorative. Snake oil actually works and was an essential part of the Chinese pharmocopia, used to soothe inflammation. We know now that snake oil is a source of Ommega 3 highly unsaturated fatty acids. Read "The Madness of Adam and Eve" by David Horrobin to learn how Omega 3 mitigates inflammation, and "Fats that kill fats that heal" by Udo Erasmus to learn about snake and other oils. Snake oil worked in China because it was made from snakes that eat fish, when it was made in America it didn't work because snakes there ate rodents. Fish are a source of Omege 3 oils, rodents aren't. When patent medecines came along "snake oil" began to mean "folksy remedies that don't work, not like our patented medecines in convenient pill form". Never mind that these days it's been shown if we were to eat a lot of fish rich in Omega 3 oils we probably wouldn't need half the pills we take for various physical and mental disorders. Snake oil would have worked. Seal oil is also very very high in these Omega 3 oils, much higher than salmon or sardines (which in and of themselves are the highest fish-source, although this depends on the variety of salmon or herring) But I digress... But I probably should have called this section something else.


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