About 110/111/112 Wheels

About 110/111/112 Wheels

All 110/111/112 sedans/coupes/convertibles came with 13" wheels (with the one exception of special order 15" wheels, presumably for countries with "bad" roads), until August 1965. As of August 1965 the 111/112 coupes/convertibles where fitted with 14" wheels. The 110/111 sedans kept the 13" wheels. There where no more 112 chassis sedans after August 1965 (a pity, too).

Unfortunately, none of the 14" wheels accomodate the 2-piece trim with the slotted beauty rings. The 14" wheels used in production until late 1967/early 1968 did use a two piece trim, but the beauty ring doesn't have the slots, and doesn't meet up with the center cap. The closest you can come to the original appearance on a 14" wheel is the later 1-piece hubcap with the slots.

Chris Johnson