General Articles About Mercedes Engnes

General Articles About Mercedes Engnes

BREAKINOIL New motors don't go with Synthetic oils

An explanation of why you don't want really good oil to break in an engine.

USV8 US V8 Engines in Mercedes

Thinking of a nice, cheap American V8 to replace that annoying original motor in your Mercedes?

FI Fuel injection 101

A nice article that explains the basics of contemporary fuel injection systems.

DEGREASING How, and how not to, degrease an engine

Can you spray cold water on a hot engine?

VACUUM Vacuum sucks


Yeah yeah. It's not so bad actually. It's pretty straightforward once you understand it. It's used to control automatic door locks, heater venting flaps and on diesel cars, transmission and engine shutoff. On US cars it also controls the EGR.


...and how to prevent it

Eagle Cams noticed oil starvation to the camshaft in many Mercedes diesel engines, bored out some galleys and got it working so the oil properly wets each cam lobe. May apply to gas engines too.

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