Gasoline Engine Articles

Gasoline Engine Articles

108 Electronic Ignition

Randy Durrance passed away in 2003; he was the undisputed master of electronic ignitions for early Mercedes. Here is his formula as kept alive by various folks.

230S Point Gap Specs

Specifications for the 230S distributor points.

300E Radiator fan

You need a special tool to remove this. Or not...

My 4.5 won't start. Now what?

What to do to get an errant 4.5 to start.

How to rebuild a 6.3 water pump

New, these pumps are about $500. Here's how to rebuild one for about $60.


R & R of a power steering pump

by John Heflin

What MB engines have a single row timing chain?

The single row thing never worked out; these cars should be (or might have already been) upgraded to a double row chain. Here's what's what.

Cap And Rotor Renovation

Most of us just buy new parts periodically, but Danny Rearden says, "High tension ignition components such as distributor caps and rotors are generally only faulty if they are cracked, or have carbon tracks on the surface. Even both of these conditions are usually repairable if you are prepared to invest a few hours. My dad specialized in repairing obsolete vintage and racing ignition systems and magnetos where parts were completely unobtainable...

EI and FI computers

From a Volvo site: instructions how to debug and repair BOSCH ECU's.

Critical dimensions

Specifications for critical dimensions for various engine cylinder heads.

C and CLK Wiring harnesses

The problem is only on later 111 engines - the very last of the 202 c class, early 203 c class & 208 clks. The camshaft adjuster leaks oil internally and this goes into the wiring loom (harness). The oil travels along the loom and usually ends up at the lamda sensor (O2) on the exhaust. If you're unlucky, it goes into the engine ECU...more money. How to fix it here...

Won't turn off?

One possible cause for not being able to turn off your motor.

SL engine swap

In pieces or as one unit with the tranny? Read on...

Tune up specs

Specifications for various things related to tune ups.

Critical dimensions

Specifications for critical dimensions for various engine intake and exhaust valves.

W210 no start

One source of a no start condition in the W210

Zenith carb articles.

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