Diesel engine articles
Diesel engine articles


A note on OM603 replacement heads

ALDA repair

Yes Virginia, this is a DIY project.

Oil flow to the cams

One cam company says there's a little hole that needs to be enlarged.

How to start a diesel in cold weather

Yes Virginia, there is a trick. A few actually.

Performance increase

While it applied to cummins motors, the brave of heart may wish to think about applying some of these ideas to Mercedes Benz motors.

Plugged EGR

For informational and off road purposes only.

Glo plugs burning up?

Ah, yeah about that...

Diesel vacuum hoses

Not many cars have vacuum controlled transmissions and when (not if) your hoses start to go south it's a good idea just to replace all of them. Here's the list of parts you'll need.

Injector replacement

Injectors are really only good for about 100,000 miles. Here's how to take them out and why.

Setting diesel injection pump timing

If your injection pump is not in time with yout engine properly things just aren't going to work right.

The Italian tuneup

Vroom vroom. Floor it and clean your engine out.

More cold starting

Another tip for diesels that are recultant to start in the cold.

Won't shut off?

If your Mercedes diesel will not shut off you don't need a ton of parts to fix this, almost always there's just one part you need to replace. Easy and cheap to fix.

General tips

An excellant article that appeared in an industry journal.

OM617 Gloplug R+R

A trick to make replacing gloplugs on an OM617 a lot easier. This will save you a half hour.

OM617 Rack Damper Bolt

How to adjust it, when and why.

Injector Rebuild

How to rebuild your injectors.

Replacing Seals on Turbo Oil Drain Pipes

Of course if yours doesn't leak you won't need this. But they all do, so you will.

How to adjust your turbo

Chances are your turbo is not up to factory spec. Here's how to do it.

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