126 Chassis Steering Box Renewal

"I have done a number of these gear boxes. The procedure has worked in all cases and the steering slop and oil leaks have been eliminated. I have saved a bunch of money and learned something at the same time. Once again I am convinced that everything Mercedes has done on these vintage of cars was designed for maintenance. Every job I have attempted has come out well. I like the way the Germans engineer these cars. You can keep them going forever." - David Petryk davep@acc-controls.com

The power steering boxes of these leak once they get a few decades on them. Price for a new or rebuilt unit is absurd considering it's a $4 bag of seals is the only thing between your car and a clean and dry garage floor.

I've never done this. But here's a guy who makes it look easy with a nice straightforward explanation of how to rebuilt the Mercedes Benz 126 chassis power steering box.