Ponton Fever

Ponton Fever

For me, the cycle of "car life" is complete.

In my early years, I wanted extreme fuel mileage. Having a VW Rabbit diesel fulfilled that need at 55 mpg average. Then I was into motorcycles. I had a LOT of them ranging from a lowly Yamaha two stroke 175 twin to a couple FLHTCU Harleys. Somewhere in between I wanted to get fast cars ('72 Olds Cutlass w/455 cu took care of that). All along, I wanted cool Benzes, to which I've had a large variety.

Now, I find myself being pulled into an eclectic direction. I want to drive a car that isn't cloned 1,000,000 times over. It hit me a couple months ago when I saw a guy with an immaculate 6.3 at the local custard stand. There's no way that I could afford to have a car as nice as his. The only way that I could take attention away from his car is to get something really DIFFERENT. There are a fair number of 6.3's still on the road.

That's when I decided to go after pontons. There is a very active group of ponton owners who have a good network of parts and advice. Ebay has a number of sellers stripping out pontons and prices have been very reasonable.

Todd Knutson, Nov. 2003