Importing a Car Into Canada

Importing a non US car into the US is pretty tough. If Bill Gates can't do it chances are you can't either. But, importing a car from the US to Canada is more common than you might think, and surprisingly easy to do.

One thing to be aware of. Since 2000 or so, the US border guys want you to fax them a copy of the title and you cannot have the car leave the US without doing this. They say they want 72 hours notice, that is you musty fax this to them 72 hours before you show up, but what they really mean is "72 business hours". For all practical purposes they need to have it 4-5 business days before you show up at the border with the car. And they're a right grouchy bunch whereas the Canadian border guys are all sweetness and light. Dunno why, but I've doen this a few times and it always works out this way.


What cars can you import into Canada?

There's a list of cars you can import into Canada. If it's not on that list, you can't import it.


Some notes about importng a car into Canada

Unlike the other links on this page about Canadian importation, this page has some tips in everyday language about how to do this.


Importing a car into the US

Our friends over in NSX land wrote this great FAQ about US importation of non-US cars.