Almost every radio, tape or CD player found in a Mercedes is a Becker. If you need help finding the weird Euro speaker sizes these cars use or need help with an old radio Becker is where you'll want to call, few other people deal with these old radios and Becker does a pretty good and pretty inexpensive overhaul to old radios, a nice surprise from an automotive company these days :-)

Here's the contact info from an old posting:

Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 10:07:10 -0400
From: "Ed Ebel" (eebel on the server beckerautosound.com)
Subject: [MBLIST] RE: mblist V1 #4200

Dear Mark,

The long gray cable that extends from the rear of you Mexico Cassette radio
has a right angle male DIN plug on the end of it. Generally, the audio
amplifier that it connects to will be mounted into a small bracket somewhere
behind your glovebox area. DO NOT cut the cable for any reason...it is a
shielded cable that must remain in its original condition to prevent
unwanted noise from the vehicle electronics to enter your audio through the

The speakers that are in you vehicle are probably the 100mm size. You should
be able to get them through any aftermarket automotive stereo shop that
offers Euro-Sizes or you could contact me directly and let me explain
options that we can provide.

Ed Ebel
Service Manager
Becker of North America

Call toll free   1-888-423-3537  ext 207