This post/email is for those who own a Mercedes-Benz '98 or '99 E300 Turbodiesel (606 Engine) (210 Body). It requires a special type of oil. All the oils listed both Crude and Synthetic, and are OK to run in our special engines.

The Specs list that comes with our cars is API: CE, CF-4 and CG-4 for American, and CCMC Classifications: D4, D5 and PD2 for European. Meaning, that any oil with any one, all three or any combination there of, is OK to use. I kept a narrow focus on only CG-4 and CH-4 rated oils for both crude and Synthetic.

Note: CH-4 ('98) rating is higher than, and covers CG-4 ('95), as CG-4 is higher than, and covers CF-4 ('90). This link takes you straight to the API for Diesel oils for more of an explanation.


I've not selected every brand and maker in the world, but only the most common, as itís hard enough to find the right oil for our cars.

In case I have made a mistake, or have missed some oils that should be on the list, please let me know.

Otherthan Amsoil and Redline, which are very expensive, the other oils, are going to be hard to find.

If I can locate synthetic CH-4 &/or CG-4that isn't Redline or Amsoil, I'll let everyone know. If you find out, then please share.

Heres a list of Crude oils that have CH-4 &/or CG-4 rating:

Chevron Delo 400 ESI / 15W40 http://www.chevron.com/prodserv/nafl/L1_framesetNS4.html (Delo 400 MultiGrade has CH-4 & CG-4)

Pennzoil Marine Motor / 15W40 http://www.chevron.com/prodserv/nafl/L1_framesetNS4.html (Hit the link, it will d/l a .pdf file, you must have adobe Acrobat reader)

Shell Rotella T Plus / 15W40 http://www.shell.ca/oshell/tipprint-e/1-11-01.htm

Valvoline All Fleet Plus Motor oil http://www.valvoline.com/ (Select the above name to get the product specs)

Texaco/Havoline Formula3 Diesel SAE 30, 15W-40 and 10W-30 http://www.texaco.com/products/index.html (Click Product Catalog, then click Product by name to get CG-4 specs)

Quaker State 4x4 Special Synthetic Blend / 15w40 http://www.quakerstate.com/resources/index/prod_services_index.html Hit Car Motor oil, then the 4x4 icon to get to the specs)

Exxon Superflow Diesel 10W30 & 15W40 http://www.exxon.com/exxonusa/commercial_services/index.html

Citgo Citguard 500 / 10W30 and 10W40 http://www.citgo.com/Products/Lubricants/Lubricant_Product_Categories/CITGARD_500Motor_Oils/citgard_500_motor_oils.asp#2 Citgo Citguard 600 / 15W40 http://www.citgo.com/Products/Lubricants/Lubricant_Product_Categories/CITGARD_600_Motor_Oils/citgard_600_motor_oils.asp#3

(Meets CH-4 and CG-4 specs)

Conoco Hydroclear / 10W30 and 10W40 http://www.conoco.com/buy/lubricants/techdata.html (Click Tech Notes, will d/l a .pdf for specs) (CH-4 and CG-4)

Castrol N/A Ė Iíve emailed and await their response, web contains no API info

>Heres a list of Synthetic Oils that have CG-4 rating:

Mobil Delvac 1 / 5W40 http://www.mobil.com/business/marine/lubes/ Follow the links

Amsoil Series 3000 Synthetic 5W30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil http://www.amsoil.com/products/hdd.html Amsoil 15W40 and SAE 30 Diesel Oils http://www.amsoil.com/products/ame.html (Lots of various combo's with CG-4)

Redline 15W40 Diesel Engine Oil http://www.redlineoil.com/engoil.htm (Scroll to bottom of Page Ė Click at the top for the .pdf file to read that itís CG-4) (Called, $8.50/QT, $7.25/QT if bought by Case = $87.00 ouch!)

Fina First 5W50 http://www.fina.com/en/ch7/2a.htm

Castrol N/A Ė Iíve emailed and await their response, web contains no API info

-- Jay Quinn >