Bilux Bulbs

Bilux Bulbs

Is there a handy source for replacement Bilux bulbs for my 115's European headlights?

http://www.candlepowerinc.com, North American pipeline for massive variety of German-made bulbs. "Bilux" is Osram's tradename for two-filament headlamp bulbs, not a description of the type of bulb.

W115 Euro headlamps come in a couple of varieties; the earlier ones take the R2 45/40W tungsten non-halogen bulb (shaped like a glass ping-pong ball on a 45mm diameter metal base). The later ones take the H4 60/55W halogen bulb. Candlepower has numerous different varieties of both types, including halogenization (conversion) bulbs for the earlier lamps in 45/40, 60/55 and higher wattages.

Daniel Stern